Tuesday, September 18, 2007


so i just spent like a week in BERRy at the detarade family estate..... with the grandparents and the whole crew.....like 50 of them. all french speakers rollin mad deep in deeeep french terrain.........
my french isnt on their level though
at all

so i felt stupid
and like i didnt belong

stupid american
i also felt kind of trashy cause i like to drink and smoke and i have have a sexy body i guess (its not like i wore low cut tops or anything... but i do kiss alexis a lot... i guess that can look kind of trashy)
even though im really not

cause these people drink before lunch and dinner
and these appertifs are like MADDDD GOOOOD so i wanted to drink a lot of it (im talkin about melon flavored booze and cassis berries and muscat - all super strong sweet girly shit that kash and i would DESTROY in like a heart beat son ya heard?)

and then there was always wine at the table as well? but its rude to serve yourself;;;; so you have to wait until the man sitting next to you wants to fill his glass, the dude sitting next to me happened to be a lovely french man named jean philipe who also just happened to love stupid american gils with big boobs

so he filled my shit up a lot
and i sat next to him lmost everyday at every meal cause you have assigned seating and i sat across from alexis at the table......

but it was hard to get drunk

cause i ate mad foodsies
cause that shit was dank son

the day of the party was pretty frantic.... everyone was running around trying to make all of the proper provisions for the party just so; so much food, etting up all the tables, cleaning; raking, i finished my flower thing, alexis roasted the mutton (a lamb that came to tilloux the day before in a truck from the locql butcher dude, the thing was skinned and shit but head and all.... ew.)i later found the lamb head on a plate just chillin in the fridge like next to the milk later on that day i was like ummmmmmm word? thats cool........poor little guy

i didnt eat much of the lamb at lunch on the day of the party
not sure if its because i was bugged out by it
or if i just dont like lamb or if i remembered why i was a vegetarian fo all of those years... or what but that shit was gnarly

even though alexis prepared it
i didnt really want to touch it
it tasted like steak.. really chewy ... really nasty

and i was kind of upset at that point cause i was exhausted from the language barrier.... and mami didnt really wan me to be in the big family picture i guess, cause she asked me to take the picture and i thought that was fucked up... but whatever
i started to cry
alexis saw me

then i felt stupid

i dont know if i like going there if my french stays at this level so im pretty motivated and excited to keep learning more

i feel like my white amerian teeth are turning into bad yellow french teeth
even though i dont smoke very much any more

thats good

i got sick from tilloux
i think too much booze and fod
but im getng back on the regular food tip now that were back in marseille

i want to make chicken again for dinner for the boys
i like cooking

it makes me feel good

i think thats all for now

Sunday, September 9, 2007


where the fuck qre you when i need you§
azerty keyboqrds i love you: **

im bqck in frqncelqnd
i fuckin love it here
i love hqving My ummm? MOON
when all i zanna do is sex you up


im kindq gettin peer pressured by bunzo to quit snokin butts
so i am down to like three q dqy
thqts reqlly good for me:
i love these keyboqrds; dont you§

dur dur dur

i eqt so zel here too
qlexis papa is so nice
ny french sucks
but its getting better
school is stqrting in q couple zeeks
zorkin on qn qprtment in aix

fuckin azerty keyboqrds

i love it

Sunday, September 2, 2007

Saturday, September 1, 2007

sucka dick

this girl at the restuarant that i work with said she's tired of suckin dick for money as in like tips and shit with these terrible suburbanites. i was kinda stoked on hearing someone say that. duuur.... i got my fuckin ass kicked tonight. ....... got out at 1100........fell asleep at 1115... now its 325....sweet...wha the fuck