Thursday, August 20, 2009

METHOD fashion smashin

hahah I did another round of Fashion Smashin on
check out all the ill comments
people were all up in ma shit!


i love hate

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

metal rules

this past weekend i went to new jersey with a bunch of kids from new jersey. it ruled.
we listened to metal and shit i was introduced to a new band named bongzilla.

stoner metal band from wisconsin that promotes the smoking and legalization of marijuana.

their last two studio albums are as follows:
nuggets - 2008
amerijuanican - 2005


and i forgot how good judas priest and the fucking champs are too
breaking the law
breakin the law

Karen O

i wanna bone Karen O too

karen o Pictures, Images and Photos

Karen O. Pictures, Images and Photos

karen o Pictures, Images and Photos


i bought the yeahyeahyeahs album while i was out in LA driving mad hours

i think Karen O has the sexiest fucking voice i've ever heard and the yeahyeahyeahs are sick. the first 2 songs rule, but the whole album is strong.

i bought MGMT too... i think it's a really well done album to be honest.
i was in borders, i had two seconds to get to my next appointment and i REALLY couldn't listen to beyonce, T.I. or that lady Gaga song one more time

also didnt want to get (another) parking ticket for my illegally parked Hertz rental car. parked. car. parked. car.

ashley in marie clare

so i kinda wanna do ashley




Ummm... i die.
what a babe

like whoa

Friday, August 7, 2009

new phone

So I haven't written in mad long. Maaaaad long. I haven't had a phone all week. I was stressed out. worried. working. going to the gym. My company just bought me a new blackberry and put me on their company plan. Wordddd. I got a pink blackberry. Hahaha. I was still kind of drunk when I went to the store with Mary. Oh Well. Now I have a big gay, pink, Verizon blackberry then I put a black silicone protector on it. So it's black and pink and gay.

oh so i said gay last night in front of one of my gay friends and I felt bad. Then i said i had mexican feet cause they were all dirty and he like, called me racist... kind of jokingly.... but like, um, kinda not. so like, what the fuck? am i a big, gay, pink mexican-hating bigot?

i want clothes.

i got wasted last night.

i feel like crap-o-la