Monday, June 22, 2009

im sick of big words

i kinda hate big words, big word users, people who constantly need to use big words.

i feel bad when you feel bad, i feel bad when kate feels bad, i feel it, everything, everywhere, all the time.

i cant muster a smiley voice now, i can only stare, email, shoes.

i kinda feel like im gonna cry, already cried, i feel useless. pathetic, stupid, gay.

im sick of looking at perfect ladies, im sick of the internet.
fuck this fuck shit.
shit is fucking gay.


Lush said...

Yep, this basically sums up how I've been feeling this week...

amythewolf said...

Salutations my sweet calipigeous luminary! Although you are my contemporary, don't forget there is a malicious aporia in your attempted justification and distaste in your nescient delineations. Remarkably, although I am an avid reader of your online publication, I am not enthused about your latest quip although they do amuse me like a benjamin franklin one-liner and other close approximations of maxims and aphorisms.

Mya said...

I get this. I'm constantly bordering on wanting to write better and wanting to write how I write. I don't know. I have lots to learn but it shouldn't mean I diss my own writing in its process. :)

amythewolf said...

p.s. my boyfriend wrote that really big word comment to me (as me) by accident. for some reason i was like, offended. probably because i didn't understand half the words he said.