Monday, March 2, 2009

i am short!

its true. I am short short short.
i sometimes wish i could be taller (without having to wear 5 inch platforms). did you know that my feet are kinda fucked from wearing all those heels all the time?
its true. they start to cramp up when I DONT wear them.

here are some of my favorite shoes designers.

forever 21:


dolce vita:


sam edelman:


i cant wait for summer.
im gonna bust out these bad boys.



jeffrey campbell:


these jeffrey campbell boot / sandal / zipper things are totally wierd but when i tried them on they fuckin ruled. i dont curr. i like em. talk all the shit you want.

word up

im gonna get a new apartment in BEDSTUY. its gonna be sick. windows lux stainless steel i died and went to condo heaven when i visited it this weekend. i dont care that it's in the projects. im mad hood, didnt you know that? DUHH. haha, no but for real, shit is PIMP. BALLINNNNNNN!


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Libby Redepenning said...

I like those shoes. I am too tall to wear heels all the time I look like a freaking giant!