Wednesday, March 11, 2009


I basically enjoy monday mornings these days. well not really. only when i sleep over andrew's and i realize that i dont have enough money on my metro card to get through the turnstile. i go to the morgan stop which has the REAL big turnstiles that you cant jump over and there isn't a vendor for me to buy a new card from and there's no machine either so im like.....uh FUCK! Hmm. So. I casually stand next to the turnstile and wait for weak unassuming individualz (such as the poor 14 year old kid who was just trying to get to school tra la la, backpack and all....and enjoys fencing as a past time.....or boys who look like they spent the weekend with georgi on the rocks) to let me go in with them. im like, "hey! yo - can i jump in with you?" real quick. no one' ever knows what to say prolly cause they dont even understant what I'm asking of them... they're like, uhhhhh..... huh.....and it's so fucking early they can't make rational decisions (to decline) or quick movements (like me - like a WOLF) so they swipe, i go in right behind them and they end up staggering: subway raped and violated.


ahahahhahahah I WIN I WIN I WIN I WIN!!

i am a wolf

what the fuck


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AndrewWheelermustdie said...

That young man had an embarassing day at school due to the priaprismic seizures he must of had all day being touched by the goddess of sex herself