Friday, August 7, 2009

new phone

So I haven't written in mad long. Maaaaad long. I haven't had a phone all week. I was stressed out. worried. working. going to the gym. My company just bought me a new blackberry and put me on their company plan. Wordddd. I got a pink blackberry. Hahaha. I was still kind of drunk when I went to the store with Mary. Oh Well. Now I have a big gay, pink, Verizon blackberry then I put a black silicone protector on it. So it's black and pink and gay.

oh so i said gay last night in front of one of my gay friends and I felt bad. Then i said i had mexican feet cause they were all dirty and he like, called me racist... kind of jokingly.... but like, um, kinda not. so like, what the fuck? am i a big, gay, pink mexican-hating bigot?

i want clothes.

i got wasted last night.

i feel like crap-o-la

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