Tuesday, September 8, 2009

FAR rock

far rockaway is so fuckin dope, man, I can't believe i just started going there this weekend?!?! It was such a magical weekend and I had a chance to kick it with all the homies... who just happen to be dreamy surfer babes. hahah YES. you're all babes.

i tried to surf, i've tried once before with ingmar and ian like 2 years ago. I kinda blew at it; now i'm pissed i wasn't out there all summer.

i'm pissed i dont rule at everything on the first time i try it.

haha sike


wanna be you



damnnn im super inspired

surfer chick. Pictures, Images and Photos

these roxy chicks are next level


not to mention the WOLFpack crew is awesome... mad supportive.. everyone rules. so inspired by their recent adventures in costa rica and i was lovin all of the encouragement and positive vibes out there in the water from everyone. lots of love, big UPs XXX to simon, ian, peter, ingmar, fil, mike, and alexis


mad love to all
endless summmmmer 4 evaaaaaaaaaaa

haha look

i fit right in!


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