Wednesday, October 21, 2009

courtney love come back to your roots

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mad skanky

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why did courtney love have to go all classy? she was a much better rocker all trashy showin her panties and talkin shit to madonna at the VMAs

Courtney Love Pictures, Images and Photos

haha YES all trashy and wasted

now she all up on rollin stone and whateva

courtney love Pictures, Images and Photos

courtney love Pictures, Images and Photos

at least she still smokin mad butts


but damn ma


like whoa

but this is still way more awesome ya heard



Amanda said...

she ain't even that good at bein classy. i was her circa the madonna vma incident for halloween last year. i got to act all effed up all night- was so much fun!

amythewolf said...

haha, this post was directly inspired by courtney love halloween ideas!

.....decided againtst cause i rocked the shit back in 6th grade... haha. my best friend was kurt. we killed it.

walkingrules said...

but damn ma... like whoa.


amythewolf said...

word up kinda wanna be her in these photos (no dignity) (no doubt)

SHMALEX! said...

Francis Bean is a regular customer at my restaurant. Courtney came in with her on FB's birthday and when she came in the door she yelled, "BIRTHDAY NOODLES!!!!"