Friday, October 9, 2009

it's ma mothafuckin birthday

fuckin having a party tonight
20 bitches deep
mama mafia crew 4 life


damn boy
why you be so creepy?

i got wasted last night
and i seriously considering going home to philly this weekend jsut to get my skateboard back
i think it's my SHUT deck
i dont even know
10 bucks my mom threw that shit out

it's friday

and it's ma mutha fuckin birthday




Amanda said...

hAPPPY BIRFDAY1!!!!! hope u have a killer time tonight dude :)

amythewolf said...

aww damn ma, thanks! you should come through! were all gonna be in greenpoint, hit me up, you have my celllll right?

er pierre said...

nah the shut board got gobbled on one of my sweet wastes im sorry meems.... hope u get on some sorta wood to push...we could skate barcy by i got tickets with no luggage..lets wear al our clothes at once and fill up our pockets with skateboards ...