Wednesday, January 27, 2010

oh MAN i couldnt resist this one

yeah so i ate a bunch of adderal the other day right before i had a meeting with this huge account in mid-town with, like, 14 execs.

and i was talking all fast and shit and making really bad jokes cause i was nervous so i excused myself to go to the bathroom to take a deep breath. AND what do i find.........?


... but a most perfect opportunity to take even more next-level camera-phone pics of myself. look at this bathroom. hahaha YES. you know you love it.

these were just too good to resist dudes, i'm sorry


and by the way, where the hell is that girl i made out with a couple weekends ago?
dang what a babe.

1 comment:

adt said...

making out with chicks and mirror pics....ya nuts! love it