Wednesday, March 10, 2010

damn son you're blowin up

haha, for real? this shit is craaaze!

mad huge
yo i can eat mad snacks if this is what's in for fall 2010

VIKtor and Rolf mad weird dutch duo killin it with mega sized cheeseburgers
at paris fashion week


colossal portions


mad baguettes chillinn out under der like a bus and shit


you gonna eat that?


yo im tryin to get seconds, son, get out da wayyyyyyyy


walkingrules said...

this seems inconvenient in the subway

danalynn486 said...

hi fashion... nahh son hi calories for me

air pierre said...

blazing amazing...fucka neck, triple cheese burgers for breakfast!

wildatree said...

mad snacks hahahahahahahahahahaha....... cheetos doritos in my jams fa life