Friday, March 5, 2010

jeremy scott fall really 2 where da freak at

jeremy scott is a total freak. like, this line makes him look mad normal on the real tip.

Jeremy Scott 2010 ready to wear line deserves a shout out cause i think it's the most normal shit i e'er seen him do. i mean mickey mouse and flintstones aside, i love jokes. jokes, mad jokes.

jeremy scott

jeremy scott

style in the front
fashion on the back

jeremey scott

yeah i already got my outfit planned for this weekend you'll see me out on da street rockin dis shit like whatevaa

jeremy scott

so like, avant-garde


round thin gs


be daxzzled


take it to church


stained glass window jewels

jeremy scott

naomi campbell will attack you and your ugly shadow


Amanda said...

love this dude for life..all the pieces that have circles where the boobs are rule

Anonymous said...

hahaha I would sit down but i am afraid i might crease my shadow.


walkingrules said...

That girl has the christmas bling dominatrix look down pat!