Thursday, April 30, 2009

im all ovaaaa

yo heads up stalkers:
im all ova the net, if you wanted to stalk me, like, you totally could!?? the only reason i got kind bugged out today was because i have colleagues on twitter and now I have 2 twitter accounts. one for werk one for play. not that i get what im supposed to be doing on twitter as my friend lenny so eloquently stated.... (if you were a stalker you could easily find that comment thread on my facebook) which leads me to my next point: i have a facebook account too, (DUH like, who doesnt) and although all my privacy settings are FRIENDS ONLYFRIENDSONLYFRIENDSONLY i mean one could be severely fucked it they dont watch it regardless. right? i have a twitter for amythewolf and i dont even like, know how to use it, but i did make a comment on xanax, and well, now that doesnt look so good to my bosses, does it?

not that anyone is stalking me. barely anyone looks at this blog and those who do are the coolest. LOVE you.

i love the internet.
i love salad.
i love NARS makeup.
I love nailpolish.
i love stone washed jeans.
i love tight jeans.
i love your ****.
i love sleep and i need some now.

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