Wednesday, April 8, 2009

michelle williams is gorgeous


i am thinkin i kinda have a new obsession
im kinda stoked that she goes from, like, anorexic to.........almost curvy. even though i HATE the word curvy. H8h8h8h8h8. if someone calls you curvy you might as well shoot yourself and consider yourself plus sized or something. shit is gay. so okay, she's FULLER in one dress. i am always full even if i don't eat for, like, 10 days straight. it's total bullshit.


oh and this last pic i ripped off from US Weekly, it's a who wore it better? lindsay vs marisa tomei vs michelle. duh. the answer is so clear it's not even funny not to mention michelle rocked this look as far back as october 08 and these bitches are stragglin (wearing it next in february 09?).... after the alexander wang band wagon has made, like, fourteen thousand olympic-sized pool laps???


but yo, on the real, do these girls make decisions? i bet michelle does cause i lurrrrve her but i mean, should i give anyone any props anymore? or should i just say lindsay lohan's stylist is slackin? i would also like to take this opportunity to say that lindsay lohan is a skank. i dont know if that's legit or why i wanted to say that but now that i said it - it's kinda funny. it made me feel good. hahah YES


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