Wednesday, April 15, 2009

zombie hotties

you guys remember those high school private catholic school chicks that were fucking with me? well they've actually turned into zombies and they've infiltrated my dreams. One minute im doing yoga in this incredibly retarded huuuuuge open studio with exposed brick and walls of windows on the 20something floor of some immaculate crazed private school (tuition, uniforms, football fieds, pools) and the next minute im scaling down the side of the building trying to get away from these zombie hottie school girls. i mean, seriously, what zombie YOU KNOW is hot? here's the catch. they WERE hot, until they turned into zombies. something, like, triggered them and they all went beserk. i was doing a pretty decent job of dodging them and shit (the chase happened all over campus) and then all of a sudden they just, like, morphed back, into the bitches they were before. and they were all, what's the matter, amy? can't handle a little recess? can't handle a mwuahahaha all evil and, like, circling me and shit and they looked normal again, but their eyes went all prismy and shit and i was like, oh man, what the fuck.... and then this one girl, kristin weber, started like touching me like, play tagging with me and fucking with me and she had real long nails, and she was play scratching me and she actually kinda broke the skin, and i was thinkin, oh shit, am i fucked now? am i done? am i going to turn into one of them.... and then i woke up from the chigong blackberry alarm.

this dream was super intense.

i wanted to tell rock too, but he was asleep, then i had a wierd day at work. when i got home i told him and he was like yo that's crazy

cause he was playing zombie nazis the night before
(which i didnt really rememeber until i told him about the dream) and he was all - that's awesome - and i was like son, no, that shit had me freakin........

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