Tuesday, April 7, 2009


when i was a freshman all the senior girls called me "hair freshman." you know why? because i had long blonde beautiful hair and i wore it up in a high ponytail and those bitches were JEALous as shit. all of their senior boyfriends thought i was sexy and i was kinda good at field hockey and i was smart and active in the community. fuck those fucking bitches. did you also know that one time a girl, i dont know who (i went to an all-girls private catholic school)put a ziplock baggie of shit in my backpack? yup. i was in english class going through my bag looking for one of my textbooks or my planner or something and i was like uh, what the shit is that smell?????????????? oh. word? it's a ziplock baggie of dogshit.

catholic school girl images have been deleted. i cant deal with looking for more lame pictures of lame girls. i dont give a fuck.

everyone was straight up lame

so go fuck yourselves.


You're on the right track said...

It was me! I used to go to an all boys catholic school near you, and I was so feminine before puberty, (only the day before), they thought I was in the wrong school!I was hired by the "bitch" in the picture that very day, and well it wasn't poop, it was my lunch that day, a straight batch of crunchy nutella that I pooped in. Find yer own bread momma said! FIND YER OWN BREAD!! A
Ok it was shit, I did it, and I made 50 chocolate dollars. Oh no, oh god noooooo!!!!

amythewolf said...


Alexandre Patrick said...

HAA, I went to an all-girls catholic high school too. And they DID look like that. Even though my school was like 70% Filipino. Everyone was scared of me and when I finally got over it senior year they were like wow Alex you're so niccceee now what happened?