Monday, May 18, 2009

detox from hell

i had really high expectations embarking upon this detox. (which i am still following mind you, i just took a small detour this weekend, where turkey sandwiches, coffee, chocolate and sushi were roadside attractions) i am wondering if there are certain foods that i don't eat in massive quantities already (spinach, arugula, apples, avocados, grapefruit, kombucha, coconut water, lemon juice and water, etc) that might help deter the effects of premenstrual syndrome?

the main effects that kill me are the following:

being a massive bitch
feeling bloated and nasty as hell

i felt like shit all weekend. i should be getting my period in about 3 days. i am wondering if now is the time to be stricter than ever this my raw foods regime or to fucking relax with that shit. is there anything, god, is there not ONE formula that i might follow that would help lessen the effects of PMS??????????

god knows this "detox" didnt really make me feel better this weekend.
god also knows how much i love alcohol and it's basically like medicine for me at this point. i abstained this whole past week as i was determined to like, clean out my system and clear my head from essentially, well, a poison that i regularly pollute myself with. ehhhhhhhhh. whatever, i need to chill the fuck out. nothing really matters anyway. i want to go camping with andrew.


Le Kutz said...

hola mi amigo (why didn't I go to Spain instead of Paris? haha)!

So you are in Paris?? If so, I stole Philippe's old phone/number when he orphaned it for an iphone- it's 0675417812. Though in typical kate fashion I can't call you from it because I used up all my minutes for the month. Or we can be sassy and schedule a recontre via blog comments, all secret mission like. When are you free??

amythewolf said...

did you get my response to this? im in new york baby new YAWK, lovin you xxxxx

Le Kutz said...

i SUCK at blogger (I can't figure out how to make it notify me of things, haha). I got your FB message, but have been so incredibly busy (busy is good but bad for facebooking). New York! You have to let me know what happened w/ Alex/leaving Paris. And you need to come back and visit me ASAP girly...I will be in NYC for like 3-4 days in mid June getting my student visa at the consulate, June 14ish, and we need to meet up for some fun. Maybe I can pack you in my suitcase and bring you back to Paris...hehe.

Love & Kisses