Tuesday, May 12, 2009

who cares

i found a website:

they have some cool shit.... i love shit..... i hate that they named their site nastygal. that really fucking bothers me.

i also just realized that Jeffrey Campbell sorta just rips everyone else off.
Balenciaga and Yves Saint Laurent are the first two to come to mind.... but i mean, who can drop a G on shoes these days anyway
so basically....

what youre trying to tell me
i have a chance

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AndrewWheelermustdie said...

Good Morning!
You are pretty and you always smell nice and you don't deserve to be catcalled because you are a wolf. I know you work hard, and I love you. We are all weird after a hard day's work, your nose is very cute and little, your bosses best not say some dumb shit to you today, or I will have to smash through the fourth story window commando style (no underpants) give you some killer earplugs and blast them fools with a sound recording of all the goose laughing I've ever heard set to horrifying techno and grab you out of their with a jetpack and make sweet love to you on a sunpooled cloud.
xxxx Call me whenever you need to gripe, I will always try to cheer you up if I can grrrrrrrrl. Keep in there howlin fairy sweet best friend dreamin. ooooxxxxooo
Thanks again for the comp it is a massive star here! Your pink lipstick is divine toooooooo!