Thursday, May 28, 2009

i love the forest

i like to pretend i am a woods-creature sometimes.


i started reading a book about freud yesterday:

" 1895 was that of Emma Eckstein, a young woman who had come to Freud with 'stomach ailments and menstrual problems.' Suspecting that the woman's problems were caued by masturbation, which was mediated through a 'nasal reflex' to her stomach and uterus, Freud summoned [his whacko friend] Fliess to Vienna to operate on Ms. Eckstein's nose. Following the surgery....Ms. Eckstein began hemorrhaging profusely and dangerously from the nose and a Viennese surgeon had to be called in.... The surgeon removed 'at least a half a meter of gauze' that Fliess had inadvertently left in the nasal cavity. ...several additional surgical procedures were necessary to stop the hemorrhages; as a consequence "her face was disfigured - the bone was chiseled away and on one side caved in."

Freud initially believed that the hemorrhages were a consequence of the surgery but later decided that Ms Eckstein's 'hemorrhages were hysterical in nature, the result of sexual longing.'"

oh really? fuck you freud. what an asshole.



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