Saturday, May 16, 2009


wake up. eat chocolate, drink coffee, smoke a cigarette. sounds like a detox to me.


i love the simpsons. hahah this is awesome. makes me laugh right away.
generally i wasnt in a great place last night. went running. it didn't do anything. came home, cried. kash is at jonny's as usual. jacqueline and brian came back from the bar. smoked herb with me. i ate salad, danced around with brian to ska like assholes in the living room, laughed, read, ate an apple, went to bed. while i was starting to fall asleep i started hearing scary music and i thought jacq was watching a movie or an episode of unexplained mysteries. i yell out, jacq! music continues.... get up, no tv is on, lights are off, i am confused. go to the bathroom, scratch my head, go back to sleep. now it's early. i have a to do list. here it is:

do my nails.
do my hair.
play with bonnie.

can you think of anything else for me to do?

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AndrewWheelermustdie said...

You are the cutest kid on the block. You rule. Your nails are black. I love you, you sweet voodoo queen. Cast dark spells on my enemies this week. xxxxxxxooooo
your dork lord