Wednesday, May 13, 2009


One of my favorite things about my job is that i live close to a wholefoods, where i go every single day. one of my favorite things about WHOLEfoods is their samples. samplessamplessamples ohhh sweet samples. on a normal day one can sample everything from watermelon to navel oranges to bosc pears... to kombucha and coconut water.... to bobbie's hummus and gaucamole. mmmmm mmm yum. needlesstosay, i could sample my way through the store... happily... and then be like, amped to eat a salad, and not have to get like a massive one that costs 12 dollars to be full, right?

well. lemme tell you something. this swineflu cRAZE has even gotten to the wholefoods higher ups as all the fUCKing new WAVers health fanatics paranoid whining bitches(going to refrain from using the term bourgeoisie because i just don't know how i feel about it learn more about it here click on it yeah yeah)

anyway, like i was saying all these wholefoods-goers got crazy obsessed with swineflu because the media told them to (myself included for a hot minute haha) and started freakin to the wholefoods staff like, um, how are we going to be protected from swine flu - (how about dont eat the samples you fucktards?) not to mention apparently that's not even the way swineflu is transmitted, you imbeciles- and now all of the delicious samples are gone. gone gone gone not down down down into my belly where you belong.

the end

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