Thursday, May 28, 2009

french vogue_sasha pivovarova



wow dude what a babe. you know what? i was at andrews house and luke and matt said some girl was a crazy bitch and i betcha she is. i love crazy bitches, i love em all.

i had dinner with jack last night. i love my fuckin brother dude, i am so fuckin proud of him, he works so hard, sometimes i wanna cry.

he told me about this new girl he likes, his birthday party in vegas, and we talked about our family a little.... You know what my answer to everything is these days? it's love. love love love, we all need it like air. fall back on love, i always try to choose it over fear. i try to love my enemies; that's the hardest one. i try to love people that aren't good to me. love is healing dude, and if anything it helps me get through the day.

i sound ignorant, don't i? i sound so fucking selfish, dont i? i am priveleged to be able to love.

but yeah. love. i love sasha pivovarova. (you say that: Pee-vo-va-row-va)


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