Thursday, May 28, 2009

reverse boob cleavage



french vogue. people say it's like way more scandalous than the US Vogue. Who fuckin cares. i lived in France for a year and Parisien fashion isn't all that badass and parisiens in general can suck my dick.

about 4000 of the blogs i follow wrote about the June story in french vogue, shot by sorrenti and featuring guinevere van seenus and eniko mihalik.... i mean, i like girl-on-girl pain/pleasure imagery and bondage as much as the next, but at this moment i cant blog about what everyone else is bloggin about it makes me feel wierd, kinda like twitter. my boobs also make me feel weird. reverse boob exposure is going to be the next big american apparel trend. just fuckin wait.

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Le Kutz said...

I miss you sexy girl and your awesome fashion fortune telling skills. I still look like a cross between lawyer and confused, just confused, girl, with your fashion guidance missing in action.

come to par-eeeee and underboob sunbathe with me